Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Radiohead. I Repeat, New Radiohead.

Look at your calendar. Okay. It isn't April 1st is it? Then why would I try to fool you, my loyal reader? You've been waiting for new studio material from Radiohead ever since your 100th listen of Hail to the Thief way back in 2003 (yes it has been that long). You've heard True Love Waits about a million times, so much so that you know exactly when the crowd cheers, and exactly what Thom says before the song and you could probably record it all yourself. Well here is the first, newly released song entitled Arpeggi. If I were to describe it and you had any preconceived notions that I planted in your head about the newest song from the band that got you through highschool, the band who you've been pining for new material from, the band who you idolized so much that you had 3 tattoo designs for when you turned 18, I would be doing an injustice. So go here and listen to it for yourself. 

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