Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Diplo Comes to Dallas

You know, I could have just tacked this date onto my last post of "shows to know", but when I heard about it I became really intrigued. Pitchfork reported that Mr. Mad Decent himself was stopping in Dallas on September 13 (that's a crazy week for fans of good music in Dallas/Austin) at a place called Suite. Now I thought I knew about every venue someone I like might play at in town, but I'd never heard of this one so I did some research. On Diplo's Myspace account, the address for the show is 4515 Travis Street in Dallas and when I typed that into my search engine of choice, the website I got was for Il Sole, a "Restaurant & Wine Bar". Now as I'm typing this I see that the show is probably somewhere in that shopping center or whatever it may be, but it seems like the show would be a little out of place in a shopping center. Hopefully some of the sharply dressed business men and women enjoying their wine will come on over and Do the Bartman. If anyone else knows any info about this show, let us know. 

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tinalorraine said...

hey i saw you the other day at work and wanted to say hello but i was super busy and swamped. i think i just spelled that wrong. hm oh well.

anyhow.... i dont have a sn anymore but i really want to know more about this... akjnsduinrwijk2!~~mnkfjank24n2389u589 m!!

completly in love with diplo.message me back.

thanks, tiner.