Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cat Power @ The Granada

Cat Power and The Dirty Delta Blues Band are true entertainers. Friday night at The Granada, they played through a 3 hour marathon set, chugging out hits and soulful wailers. Ms. Marshall pranced around the stage doing varying dances (samba, the chicken dance, and other signature moves). The band stayed mostly static, playing her songs perfectly (although you couldn't tell them that) but adding their own southern-soul. Chan seemingly knew every single note that the band would play, and added appropriate hand gestures for each note. The crowd at the Granada reached out for her hand every time she approached the edge of the stage and she would grab them, and even gave them half-finished cigarettes that they passed around and took drags from. About mid-way through the show, Chan announced that she and the band would be taking a cigarette break and coming back out onstage to play through some of the previous set's material because they had messed up some of the songs, although the audience didn't seem to notice at all. When they came back, more than half of the crowd was gone, and they played some of the songs they had already done and added more. 

At first, I couldn't really comprehend why Ms. Marshall and the band would play for nearly 3 hours, but I think I have it figured it out. On a run of the mill tour, a band would play in at least 2-3 cities in Texas (if they were coming to our fine state at all) in any combination of Dallas, Austin, Houston, or maybe Marfa. That being said, this is Cat Power's only Texas date in 2007 and it could be that she was fitting a couple of shows into one. The show was recorded, so if we find it and get a copy, we will point you in the right direction! 

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