Monday, August 27, 2007

Grizzly Bear Get Friend-ly with New EP

Our favorite new band Grizzly Bear is finally putting out some new material. According to Pitchfork, the Friend EP will include 10 new tracks, which makes us wonder why its an EP. The band will also be down in Austin for ACL weekend, playing a show at Club de Ville on September 14. Maybe you want to skip out on Bjork and see them play that night. The band played what will possibly be my favorite show of the year at Good Records back in February so it will definitely be worth it. The EP will be out on November 6 on Warp

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Radiohead. I Repeat, New Radiohead.

Look at your calendar. Okay. It isn't April 1st is it? Then why would I try to fool you, my loyal reader? You've been waiting for new studio material from Radiohead ever since your 100th listen of Hail to the Thief way back in 2003 (yes it has been that long). You've heard True Love Waits about a million times, so much so that you know exactly when the crowd cheers, and exactly what Thom says before the song and you could probably record it all yourself. Well here is the first, newly released song entitled Arpeggi. If I were to describe it and you had any preconceived notions that I planted in your head about the newest song from the band that got you through highschool, the band who you've been pining for new material from, the band who you idolized so much that you had 3 tattoo designs for when you turned 18, I would be doing an injustice. So go here and listen to it for yourself. 

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cat Power @ The Granada

Cat Power and The Dirty Delta Blues Band are true entertainers. Friday night at The Granada, they played through a 3 hour marathon set, chugging out hits and soulful wailers. Ms. Marshall pranced around the stage doing varying dances (samba, the chicken dance, and other signature moves). The band stayed mostly static, playing her songs perfectly (although you couldn't tell them that) but adding their own southern-soul. Chan seemingly knew every single note that the band would play, and added appropriate hand gestures for each note. The crowd at the Granada reached out for her hand every time she approached the edge of the stage and she would grab them, and even gave them half-finished cigarettes that they passed around and took drags from. About mid-way through the show, Chan announced that she and the band would be taking a cigarette break and coming back out onstage to play through some of the previous set's material because they had messed up some of the songs, although the audience didn't seem to notice at all. When they came back, more than half of the crowd was gone, and they played some of the songs they had already done and added more. 

At first, I couldn't really comprehend why Ms. Marshall and the band would play for nearly 3 hours, but I think I have it figured it out. On a run of the mill tour, a band would play in at least 2-3 cities in Texas (if they were coming to our fine state at all) in any combination of Dallas, Austin, Houston, or maybe Marfa. That being said, this is Cat Power's only Texas date in 2007 and it could be that she was fitting a couple of shows into one. The show was recorded, so if we find it and get a copy, we will point you in the right direction! 

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup Finalized

The graphic (courtesy of Fun x3 Fest's site) is small, but you can make out all the names. This year, its being split up into three stages. So far, the dates and times of specific bands haven't been announced, but we do know that Explosions in the Sky will be on Saturday along with Of Montreal, Battles and Against Me! will be on Sunday, and its a safe bet to say that Girl Talk will be playing on Saturday as well. Notice the addition of Cat Power and the Dirty Delta Blues Band, who we will be covering at their show at the Granada tomorrow night!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

People Party DVD Released

Remeber that Panda Bear DVD you heard so much about a while ago? Well it is finally being released and you can get it for next to nothing. Originally, it was going to be free, and Mike from Eat Tapes (the guy who's putting it out) discovered that he would be out quite a bit of money if he just gave the thing away, so he's asking for donations in order to recoup the cost of making it. Some of the money he recieves that ends up being more than what he needed, will be donated to Paw Tracks, the rest will end up going into further projects he does. Now, he is asking $5 for the first option which is: 
"People Party DVD (features nearly 2 hours of material including a song by each opener, full Panda Bear set edited from 3 nights, sound checks, other random footage, and an exclusive interview with Panda Bear. The DVD also comes with a fully functional chapter selection mode so you can cruise right to the parts you want to see!), plastic casing, and a personalized card which details which number DVD you own as well as authenticates your DVD."
The other choice (the one we went with) is
People Party DVD (features nearly 2 hours of material including a song by each opener, full Panda Bear set edited from 3 nights, sound checks, other random footage, and an exclusive interview with Panda Bear. The DVD also comes with a fully functional chapter selection mode so you can cruise right to the parts you want to see!), Bonus Disk (due to length restraints bonus disks will contain the full, uncut sets from any 2 nights of your choice), clear double-disk DVD case, and personalized art work containing the number DVD you have as well as authenticates your DVD. Price: $10 for 1 Bonus Disk (2 shows) $13 for 2 Bonus Disks (3 shows).
Check out the order page and get yours while you can. Mike is currently on vacation, but your order will probably ship as soon as he gets home. Also, he will post info on how you can download the DVD for free when he gets back so stay tuned. 

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun Fest Line Up Announced: Sources say it "sounds fun".

This year's Fun Fun Fun Fest line-up has been announced and it looks amazing. The acts we think you would care about include: Explosions in the Sky, Diplo, Busdriver, New Pornographers, Battles, Girl Talk, Of Montreal, Okkervil River, Final Fantasy, Mates of State, and my girlfriend's favorite band Against Me!. I'm stressing out about this thing a little bit because I could only attend Saturday if I were to cover it at all, but I'm going to try to deal with all the excitement. This festival seriously rivals Austin City Limits and its only its second year in operation. But like Joe said, this is the most exciting time in music, in a long time. The whole thing goes down on November 3 and 4 in Waterloo Park in Austin

Update: Tickets go on sale September 1!

Bishop Allen @ Good Records (7/29/07)

Bishop Allen's second in-store at Good Records (the first being at the old location) brought a cheery break to an otherwise boring, dreary Sunday afternoon. The band ran through songs off of their new album "The Broken String" and played them solidly. Sorry for the delay on this post! You can head over to the Lullabyes blog and get mp3's of the entire show. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Diplo Comes to Dallas

You know, I could have just tacked this date onto my last post of "shows to know", but when I heard about it I became really intrigued. Pitchfork reported that Mr. Mad Decent himself was stopping in Dallas on September 13 (that's a crazy week for fans of good music in Dallas/Austin) at a place called Suite. Now I thought I knew about every venue someone I like might play at in town, but I'd never heard of this one so I did some research. On Diplo's Myspace account, the address for the show is 4515 Travis Street in Dallas and when I typed that into my search engine of choice, the website I got was for Il Sole, a "Restaurant & Wine Bar". Now as I'm typing this I see that the show is probably somewhere in that shopping center or whatever it may be, but it seems like the show would be a little out of place in a shopping center. Hopefully some of the sharply dressed business men and women enjoying their wine will come on over and Do the Bartman. If anyone else knows any info about this show, let us know. 

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Plenty of News

Well things have been cruising along this summer for us, and we hope you've been enjoying the weather and your time off (hopefully) as much as we have. Last night's Fourth Annual Pandarosa Showcase Showdown was quite a success. Apparently, the good folks at Sons of Hermann Hall would like the label to have the showcase there next year so that looks good. Stay tuned for photos from the show later this week. Also, we covered the Bishop Allen in-store at Good Records last Sunday, and we will have photos from that up ASAP, probably by Tuesday. This fall season is looking good for us. Here's a list of shows we think you should know about (you probably already do) and the highlighted ones are those that we plan to cover.
Cat Power- August 17 @ The Granada
Wilco w/ Dr. Dog- September 14 @ The Palladium Ballroom
The National w/ St. Vincent- September 14 @ The Granada 
Austin City Limits- September 14-16 @ Zilker Park
Wall of Sound Festival- September 22 @ 
LaGrave Field in Ft. Worth
Animal Collective- September 22 @ Emo's
Deerhoof w/ Bloc Party- September 22 @ The House of Blues
Mono w/ High on Fire- September 26 @ The Granada 
Liars w/ Interpol- September 27 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Do Make Say Think- September 30 @ Hailey's
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)- October 1 @ The Loft 
Bonde Do Role w/ The Death Set- October 5 @ The Loft
Devendra Banhart w/ Jana Hunter- October 6 @ The Granada
Rilo Kiley- October 6 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Sonic Youth w/ Meat Puppets- October 7 @ The House of Blues
Stars- October 31 @ The House of Blues
Final Fantasy- November 2 @ Hailey's
Girl Talk w/ Bus Driver- November 2 @ The Loft
Spoon w/ The New Pornographers- November 2 @ The House of Blues
Fun Fun Fun Fest- November 3-4 @ Waterloo Park in Austin
Of Montreal- November 4 @ The Granada
Low- November 4 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Architecture in Helsinki- November 13 @ Hailey's

Check back later this week for more updates and enjoy the rest of your summer. 

Friday, August 03, 2007

Fourth Annual Pandarosa Showcase Showdown!

Well folks, its that time of the year again. One of the best things about the Dallas music scene, The Pandarosa Recording Co., is having their annual showcase today (Saturday, August 4) . Most of the label's artists will be performing, but all of them will be there in one way or another. From what I've heard, they have some new tricks up their sleeves this year and it will be amazing. We will be covering it with photos in the following week so come check it out. 
Just in case you can't read the poster as it appears on the site, (you can click it ot make it bigger) the address of Sons of Hermann is 3414 Elm Street in Dallas. The show starts at 7 so get there on time to catch everyone.