Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wall of Sound Festival Announced

I always thought that Wall of Sound Festival in Ft. Worth was kind of an iffy thing. Sure there have been good acts in the past, but the headliners were really the only ones that they focused on and then had some little acts here and there. But, this year promises to be pretty darn good. So far, Explosions in the Sky, Midlake, Ghostland Observatory, Peter and the Wolf, The Books and more will be announced later. Tickets can be purchased here for a mere $35 dollars and some change and you can check out the website for the festival right here. You can count on it that we will be there to cover all of the action, seeing as how our favorite bands from Texas are playing this thing. This is enough to put a tear in a young man's eye... I'm just so proud...

The full line-up so far:

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