Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will Oldham and Zach Galifiankis in Kanye West Vid

So if you haven't seen the alternate version of Kanye West's video for "Can't Tell Me Nothing" yet (we first saw it on Pitchfork) then you need to see it. The video stars our favorite comedian Zach Galifianakis (star of Out Cold) and folk singer Bonnie "Prince" Billy aka Will Oldham. I'm not exactly sure how they found themselves making this video, but I'm wonderfully surprised. It's absolutely hilarious and if you haven't seen it, you need to go to Kanye's website and check it out. The best part of the video is either Will laughing to Young Jeezy's part in the song, or Zach's insane pelvic thrusting throughout. It is the alternate version of the original video, but it is much better than its predecessor. All I have to say is... wait 'til I get my money right.

Jeff Tweedy is God and Colin Meloy is Smart

If you aren't on board with "Lil' Bush" yet, its about time you started watching. Not only is the show pretty darn funny, but it also features voices from some of the best musicians around. If you missed last week's episode of the show, you missed Jeff Tweedy of Wilco playing God (something that isn't too much of a stretch I'm sure). I'll just tell you that at the end of the episode, he gets into a hot-rod with the bearded members of ZZ Top and they fly away with bubbles following the car. Tonight's episode is also not light on the talent, featuring Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, playing "Smart Jeb". Now usually, Jeb's character eats anything in sight and is barely articulate, he gets hit on the head with a frying pan and turns into a very articulate lil' boy. The show starts tonight at 9:30 pm (central time) on Comedy Central. Watch videos of past shows here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ACL Aftershows and Festival Tapings Announced

The good folks at ACL have just announced the aftershows that come along with the festival. This year, the pairings are great and are worth showing up for, especially if you've found yourself hangingout in the back of the crowd, with all those people eating mushrooms and dancing a little too close to eachother. On Thursday at La Zona Rosa, Spoon is playing with Sound Team, and Alright Tonight!. Peter Bjorn and John are opening for Paolo Nutini on Friday at Stubb's. At Emo's on Saturday, you can catch Blonde Redhead and The National and if you live in Austin or are still hung over at your hotel on Monday, you can see Yo La Tengo at The Parish
If you are lucky enough, you can catch some amazing acts from the festival in studio at an ACL taping. There have already been summer sessions from bands like Explosions in the Sky, Ghostland Observatory, and The Decemberists. Festival weekend plays hosts to a session from both Wilco and The Arcade Fire, so if you're lucky enough to get tickets, you could potentially end up seeing two of today's best acts in a tiny studio on campus at UT. 

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cat Power at the Granada August 17

This just recently announced show has us pretty darn excited. Since catching a little bit of her set at last year's ACL, I've been wanting to see much more of Chan Marshall. I, along with the rest of Dallas, will get the chance to see Ms. Marshall when she rolls through town with The Dirty Delta Blues Band on August 17. Tickets will go fast so act now and get them while you can. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of Montreal in the Fall

So if you Dallas-ites didn't get enough of
Of Montreal last time they stormed through Dallas, you get another chance to see them this fall. This time, they will be playing at the Granada on 11/4/07 with Grand Buffet and MGMT. If it is anything like it was last time, the show will be a total party and you will not want to miss it for anything. The band will also be playing Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest the day before the Dallas date on 11/3/07. We will keep you up to date with the lineup from Fun Fun Fun Fest as we find out about them.
Photo by Trent 

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Pornographers Love to Spoon with Emma Pollock

Well the headline pretty much says it all (and could it have been any easier to come up with that combination). Dallas will be one of the last stops on this big tour and we couldn't be any happier (despite the fact that it is at the House of Blues). This date (11/02/07) at the tail end of the tour will be one of only two shows featuring both the New Pornographers and Spoon together, on one stage. Emma Pollock will also be opening up for the bands. Tickets are on sale now and are about $30 with all of the (dumb) Ticketmaster charges. Get them here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

St. Vincent @ Hailey's in Denton

Everyone who either was or wasn't at the show, and knew I was there covering it, has been asking me to do this post and I am finally finding the time. You see, no one can see enough pictures of St. Vincent, or hear enough descriptions of how she plays, or moves, or is. That's one of the things that I enjoy about her. Or rather, those are three of the things that I enjoy about her. Aside from that though, her stage show becomes increasingly impressive each time I see her (although that's only been two times now). She blew everyone out of the water who was there to see her at Hailey's. It was a special night, being that it was the first date of her first headlining North American tour. She seemed shocked at the number of folks there to see her, but I think everyone there was honestly expecting the large number. She played through tracks off of her long (looong) awaited debut album "Marry Me" and proved to us why it was such a long wait. The songs have been perfected. Simple as that. The cheers at the end of the show and the people I overheard saying that they absolutely loved it, say it all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wall of Sound Festival Announced

I always thought that Wall of Sound Festival in Ft. Worth was kind of an iffy thing. Sure there have been good acts in the past, but the headliners were really the only ones that they focused on and then had some little acts here and there. But, this year promises to be pretty darn good. So far, Explosions in the Sky, Midlake, Ghostland Observatory, Peter and the Wolf, The Books and more will be announced later. Tickets can be purchased here for a mere $35 dollars and some change and you can check out the website for the festival right here. You can count on it that we will be there to cover all of the action, seeing as how our favorite bands from Texas are playing this thing. This is enough to put a tear in a young man's eye... I'm just so proud...

The full line-up so far: