Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marnie Stern and Battles to Invade Denton: Faces to Melt

This coming week will end up testing my will power a great deal (unless I just attend both shows!). The other night I was just complaining to some friends about not having seen two of my favorite drummers, Zach Hill of Hella and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof the last time both of their respective bands came to town, but I won't have to complain about one of them much longer. It turns out that Marnie Stern will be ditching her iPod for a band. Joining her on the tour will be Robby Moncrieff of Advantage and none other than Zach Hill of Hella.

And while it may be a good bit longer until I can see Saunier in action, another outstanding drummer will be coming to Denton in the form of Battles. I can't believe I just discovered this band last night, but I'm glad I did. Their unique approach to instrumentation (and sometimes whistling) is a paradoxical refreshing tempest.

June 25: Battles, Ponytail, and The Frenz @ Haileys
June 29: Marnie Stern, Fishboy, and Eat Avery's Bones @ Rubber Gloves


great ghosts!! said...

Marnie Stern with Zach Hill and Greg Saunier is my dream band. Was that photo of Marnie taken at Ms Bea's in Austin?

great ghosts!! said...

oh, and Battles is going to be great.

Trent said...

Yeah the photo is from that show, but I didn't take it. The credit it really tiny in the bottom right hand corner. I got it from her Myspace. Yeah I really hope I can get out to Battles tonight. They are amazing.