Thursday, June 14, 2007

Devendra Banhart News

Who knew that Devendra was recording a new album? I'm sure that his friends (he has so many) knew, because they were all involved in recording it. Some just providing backing yelps, or the occasional tambourine solo. Some of them just sat around the studio, listening to the sounds that everyone else was making. I'm sure some of them quit their day-jobs just to be there. In any case, the new album will probably be just as kooky as the last. I don't know what exactly to expect, but I'm sure I will nod my head when I hear his oddly nostalgic tunes, from an era I was not alive for.

This, taken from his Myspace, may just confuse you even further:

Dear Freinds! its a beautiful day in California , we began Mixing the record today, lets see....... its about 16 songs, some very unexpected guests , the main band is Me, Noah, Luckey, Pete, Greg, and Andy, Rodrigo will be playin some shows here and there with us until duty with Los Hermanos beckons and/or the Saudade kicks in.

no titles yet , but tentative who knows Maybes are:
Milk the wind
Shes a hot dog
Mountaneous Confunktion
Greatest Hits
Hubba Hubba Planet
Electric Pizza Cops
Foreskin Sword (what it is & how to use it)
Mama, mujhe mall se jeans lenee hai
Porkin' the broken Knee (Electroxtensial chop!)
Who is Kadamon?
The Burnt Frizbee
Abhor the coagulator (1964 version)
Koala Mans Return to Pineapple temple
ihop ihop
Bacchanalian Beat Box
Thrice the phat Magus
Gaga blood & the balls of .......
Rich Gals Shampoo n' Conditioner Blues
Talkin Weleda Haushka Bronners Blues
Military Massengill
Cyber Christ and the Gnostic Titi-Slap part deux
you who are familiar with grandmas Hyacinth
......... ................ ............. ......... ............ ........ ..........
thats about it right now ! we are just starting to mix today , we will keep ya posted as new ones arise!
on and Onward and Love Above All!
oh , i almost forgot, we still dont have a band name, at least not one thats made it past a couple shows, if anyone has a suggestion , we would LOVE to try it out!

Whatever that means, I'm excited for it. While waiting for the Animal Collective show to start, I over heard someone from the Granada talking about just having booked him for the fall, which is exciting as well. They misspelled his name on the announcement: "Devandra Banhart". It was comical.

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