Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jose Gonzalez Goes Natural

Well, its been a few years since his last album, Veneer, but Jose Gonzalez is back with another. Due out September 25 here in the U.S., In Our Nature is sure to make it even harder to pick a favorite album of 2007! I think its safe to say that we will be playing it from then until 2010 and beyond. Maybe by then we will be in flying cars? The earth will be one big puddle? or he'll put out a third album? I'm not sure which one will come first, but we hope its the latter. In the mean time, he's going on tour, and hopefully he will be coming back through these parts. He's going to be in Mexico, so why not Jose?

1 How Low
2 Down the Line
3 Killing for Love
4 In Our Nature
5 Teardrop
6 Abram
7 Time to Send Someone Away
8 The Nest
9 Fold
10 Cycling Trivialities

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