Monday, May 28, 2007

Animal Collective in Dallas @ The Granada and Austin @ Antone's

Animal Collective hasn't hit Texas on a tour in a long time, and as far as I know, has never come to Dallas and we were able to agree that Dallas was the best show of the two that we attended this weekend. Yes, the band was the same, wonderful, magnificent, inspiring, all of those adjectives and plenty more that describe good performances. The difference came with the change of venue and the way that the crowds approached the show. The fans in Dallas seemed to be immersed in the idea of Animal Collective. They danced and chanted right along with the band, some of them even came wearing face and body paint featuring bones and even a double helix of DNA (what?). I thought that Austin would be even stranger, with most of the crowd dressed up, or under-dressed as the case may be, for the occasion. I couldn't spot one single person in the crowd at Antone's who had done as I thought they would. This does not discount them as fans by any means, its just that the intensity of the crowd in Dallas was much more present. The lighting at Antone's was also not even comparable to the Granada's and there was quite a sound mishap at Antone's, but venues and crowds aside, the band performed two awe inspiring shows this weekend.

Animal Collective amazed just about everyone I talked with after the Dallas and Austin shows, but apparently, there were some people who felt differently. Some were let down by the fact that the band didn't play "Grass" or "The Purple Bottle", but without Deakin on tour with the band, it wasn't in the cards for them to play songs that involved guitar parts like those on the two songs I mentioned. The band's sets in both Dallas and in Austin were comprised mainly of new songs. If the songs that they did play end up on Strawberry Jam, it will probably end up a fan favorite. I'm already in love with them after hearing them two times. The new music all sounds upbeat (that may change with the lyrics) and everything was just fun to listen to. It relies heavily on samples and percussion, mixed in with effected vocals and even more tribal yelling than past songs. Two Panda Bear songs from the Ma Fama session/ interview are being played on tour, and they sound even better with Avey and Geologist to back Panda up. It will be interesting to see what happens to those songs, since they aren't on the new album.

Two things that I have read and heard that trouble me are that, 1.) the band did not come out for an encore at either of the shows and, 2.) the band didn't play whoever's favorite songs like "The Purple Bottle" or "Grass". One thing that Joe mentioned was that fans have become too accustomed to the encore. Since when is it required for a band who just played a full set of songs, to come back out and play more? It shouldn't be. At both shows, the band gave everything that they had on stage and played with intense energy for the whole set. I'm sure that they appreciate us wanting to hear more, but they did just play for a good chunk of time. Also, I don't recall the bill ever saying "Animal Collective, playing their greatest hits". If you would like to see someone do that, go to Vegas and see a washed up star on the strip playing their hits from 20 years ago. Animal Collective is still a vibrant band, with a lot of new material (a new record is coming out people!) and they weren't there to take requests. Yes, they did play some old songs, which the crowd did love, but they don't have to play every song that might be a "crowd favorite".

(Forgive me, I don't know the new song's names, I tried)
Dallas set list:
1. Loch Raven
2. Who Could Win A Rabbit
3. New Song #1 (Flowers in her hair...)
4. New Song #2
5. New Song #3
6. New Song #4
7. I'm not sure how many new songs they actually played. We were really into the set. haha
8?. New Song (Woo!)
9. New Song
10. New Song
11. We Tigers
12. Leaf House

Austin set list:
1. Doggy
2. Hey Light

3. Who Could Win A Rabbit
4. New #1(Flowers in her hair...)
5. New #2 (I really want to show to my girl that I need her...)
6. New #3(Hey!...)
7. New #4
8. New #5/ New #6?
9. Daily Routine
10. New #7
11. New #8
12. Loch Raven
13. We Tigers
14. Leaf House

Photos from both shows will be posted in seperate posts!


Ben said...

The first 2 songs in Austin were not new songs, they opened with "Doggy" off of Campfire Songs, and then "Hey Light" (off of Here Comes the Indian) led into Who Could Win A Rabbit.

Just an fyi!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Ben!

john said...

#1 for the austin show was "Doggy", and #2 was "Hey Light".

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