Monday, April 23, 2007

Down is the New Up, Radiohead is the New Kennedy

Avid Radiohead fans kind of remind me of conspiracy theorists. Had these fans been born forty to fifty years ago, they would have been the ones pouring over the Warren Report searching for that one clue, the slip up that will incriminat the Government, Cuba, the Red Sox or whoever in the JFK assassination. Instead, they were born only twenty to thirty years ago, and are now pouring over the blog-o-sphere, scouring the piecemeal contents of every home brewed publication in search of the ever enviable and ever allusive tid-bit of information concerning Radiohead's new album. I suppose I'll only be adding to their work load by posting this, for which I apologize, especially since most of the real hardcore fans will most likely already have heard the two new live tracks I found in my own feeble web scouring. For the rest of the world however, I offer these two new songs, and I hope you enjoy.

Down is the New Up

House of Cards

songs courtesy of Fine Fine Music
photo courtesy of At Ease Web

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