Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunset Rubdown, Katie Eastburn, and Evangelicals @ Hailey's

This Saturday at Hailey's in Denton Sunset Rubdown, along with tourmate Katie Eastburn and nearby Norman natives Evangelicals played an intimate show, lit entirely by themselves and to a small crowd.

Most of the crowd seemed to be hearing Evangelicals for the first time and I'm just not sure how convinced they were. I myself found their set a bit lacking, but when they played some of my favorite songs off of So Gone, I was really into their set. Their new material will have to grow on me after hearing its studio incarnation, but it sounded promising. Their faux foliage decorations on stage, smoke machine, and use of their own red and green lighting gave their performance an odd twist and set the night off right.

The tone that Evangelicals set was quickly turned into something a bit stranger (on a different level) when Katie Eastburn took the stage with nothing but a keyboard, glass of amber colored liquor (scotch?), kick drum, and table lamp on stage. I enjoyed her first few songs, but she played so many that they all started sounding the same as the set got longer. An album with 10-12 songs might be bearable, but what she played was just not interesting after a while. She played a Prince cover as her last song, so that brought up spirits a bit.

Sunset Rubdown seemed to be the reason that most, if not all of the people in the crowd were there, and that alone was cause for excitement. Any time one band is the sole focus of a crowd's attention, it adds to the allure of the show. One thing that I walked away from the show knowing is that Sunset Rubdown is in no way a Spencer Krug back-up band. Granted, he is the most talented pianist I have ever seen live. His piano playing on the album is great, but when you see how he plays what he does, you realize that its more than it may sound like. Anyway, back to my previous point. They really all are some incredibly talented musicians. The drumming, guitar riffs, and percussion played by each of the other members of the band was pretty incredible to see all put together right in front of me on Hailey's small stage. They played through some of my favorite songs off of Shut Up I Am Dreaming, as well as some very good sounding new material (which makes me kick myself for not picking up their new EP).

The band handled some drunk hecklers (a staple at Hailey's shows) pretty well. Here's a basic rundown of the incident:

Heckler: "FAGGOT!!!"
Krug: "The gayer you think I am, the more fun I'm having." Followed by heavy laughter by most of the crowd and several responses like "Don't judge us based on those idiots," and "That's what they do!" in reference to the hecklers having no lives.

Krug (later): "You're going to love this one..." directed back at the heckler(s) before playing Us Ones In Between.

Their performance will probably end up on my End of the Year list. SO, here is the set list, with serious additions that need to be made. I'm not sure if the songs that I don't know are new or old, but I do know that most of them were new songs.

1. Snakes Got A Leg III
2. Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings
3. (New Song)
4. Us Ones In Between
5. (New Song)
6. (New Song?)
7. (Not Sure- New? Old?)
8. Stadiums and Shrines II
9. "This is a kind of new one...Well, it is a new one."
10. The Empty Threats of Little Lord
11. New?
12. New?


Katie Eastburn

Sunset Rubdown

Monday, April 23, 2007

Down is the New Up, Radiohead is the New Kennedy

Avid Radiohead fans kind of remind me of conspiracy theorists. Had these fans been born forty to fifty years ago, they would have been the ones pouring over the Warren Report searching for that one clue, the slip up that will incriminat the Government, Cuba, the Red Sox or whoever in the JFK assassination. Instead, they were born only twenty to thirty years ago, and are now pouring over the blog-o-sphere, scouring the piecemeal contents of every home brewed publication in search of the ever enviable and ever allusive tid-bit of information concerning Radiohead's new album. I suppose I'll only be adding to their work load by posting this, for which I apologize, especially since most of the real hardcore fans will most likely already have heard the two new live tracks I found in my own feeble web scouring. For the rest of the world however, I offer these two new songs, and I hope you enjoy.

Down is the New Up

House of Cards

songs courtesy of Fine Fine Music
photo courtesy of At Ease Web

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Lovely Feast of Feist

So we don't normally go all goo-goo over female artists (at least we don't announce it...) but we'll make an exception. Leslie Feist aka Feist, has two new videos from her new LP The Reminder. I will cut this post short and let you watch the videos. Mmmm what we wouldn't give to be extras in these videos, especially the video for 1234. She will be touring later this year with one of our favorites, Grizzly Bear. Too bad they aren't coming this way...

1 2 3 4

My Moon My Man

Katie Gives Evangelicals a Sunset Rubdown

(Yeah, that's the best combination I could think of) Hailey's in Denton will be playing host to one of the best shows so far this year next Saturday on the 28th. Yeah, there have been other shows that have come through the area that have been really good (see Explosions in the Sky, Deerhoof, Midlake, etc.), but Sunset Rubdown is arguably one of the best side projects playing right now. We are very excited to see Mr. Krug play his music again (last time being one of the very rare Wolf Parade performances at ACL). Also along on the bill will be Norman, OK natives Evangelicals, aka the best band to come out of Oklahoma since The Flaming Lips. Their first album So Gone is amazing, and highly worth checking out. Also on the bill is Katie Eastburn, so come out and enjoy a night of amazing music.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just To Let You Know...

I'm very very sorry for the lack of updating as of lately. I feel really terrible, seeing as how the blog was a huge chunk of my life ever since we started it, but things have been pretty busy. I would let you know all that's been going on, but not much of it has to do with music. I have been helping out the label with some things, getting ready for their "big" (I Guess?) show in Waco tomorrow ie: screen printing shirts and cd covers, taking inventory, and other things. Its been a lot of fun, but the blog hasn't been #1 on my list of things to do (even though it should have been a close second). I really wanted to make this the best source for people in Dallas to get music news, but I haven't held up my end of the deal! Again, I'm really sorry, but my plans didn't work out for Friday night and I'm off work so I think I will be posting a lot of things including the last day of SXSW featuring the Mess With Texas show, the write-up for the Explosions in the Sky show, and a lot of concert news concerning the metroplex! I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with the internet.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Explosions in the Sky @ The Granada

Austinites Explosions in the Sky played an awe-inspiring "welcome back to Dallas" show (minus the signature Texas flag, Where is it?) at the Granada Theater in Dallas on Monday (4/2/07). A write-up of the show will be coming soon, but let me thank drummer Chris Hrasky for getting us in after a fumble by the venue on our guest list spot. Also, thanks to Sarah O'Shura of MotorMouth Media for getting us the pass in the first place. We love you all haha!

(All photos, with the exception of one, were taken by Trent Lesikar)