Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Dog Days

So I know its been a week now, but the Dr. Dog in-store at Good Records was honestly the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon (maybe if it had been outside, but oh well). The free food (and beer for those of you who had some), good music, and good people to be around are all things that I enjoy very much.

Dr. Dog started off the show with a song that I'm still not familiar with. I've searched quite a bit to find it but I still don't know what it's called. Maybe its new? Anyway, part-time lead vocalist and guitar player Scott McMicken sang something about a choo-choo train so if anyone knows what song that is, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know, because its killing me!

The band's set was largely formed by audience participation, shouting out requests for their favorite songs. They even took one of mine, but we'll get to that later. The next song that they played was Weekend, off of their 2007 album We All Belong. The album was reportedly recorded on 24-track tape, and to someone who would be hearing them for the first time, they might believe that the band is not from this era. Seeing them live however, breathes a whole new life into the band's music, and I think if you're even a remote fan of theirs, you should go see them if you haven't already (they are still on tour!). They followed Weekend with two songs from the new album, Die, Die, Die and I Hope There's Love.

The band then took a short little break, trying to decide what to play. They promised that they would have their set list together prior to that night's show, but the crowd at Good Records did not seem to mind hearing them play their favorite songs. They then took my request which was Oh No off of their last full length album, Easy Beat. The song was about one-hundred-thousand times more energetic and all around musical that it is on the lo-fi sounding album. Honestly, the recording does not do the song justice. The song woke up the handful of people that were in attendance and was a pleasure to hear. On the recording, the song sounds slower, the band sped it up by as much as two times. Their harmonies also lend themselves to another era (I swear I won't compare them to The Beatles!).

The next song that they played was the title track off of Easy Beat. Being that I'm not too familiar with the new album, it was a lot of fun to hear their older material. After Easy Beat's smooth sounds, they took another request, Wake Up, and finished their set off with a rousing version of Worst Trip. Bassist Tony Leaman's harsh screams resonating throughout the song kept us all on our toes.

This is our last (probably) show review before the busy busy SXSW week is kicked off. John is currently on vacation for a little bit, but when he returns, he should be finishing his Deerhoof and Grizzly Bear write-ups. We are going to have so much material for you guys this next week. I will do my best to load all of my photos quickly, but trust me, this is hard work!

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Great great great pictures! And those sunglasses are sharp. ;D