Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day 4: Plans

Well today is our last day here at the wonderful, far exceeding expectations SXSW. Yes, that WAS the most literary sentence you've ever read. We plan on attending the Mess With Texas party curated by David Cross, featuring tons of comedians, most of them being some of the funniest people around. Today's festivities are hosted by Patton Oswalt and the show is free, all ages, and open to the public so don't worry about all of that badge nonsense. It's taking place at Red 7 at 611 E. Seventh St. and starts at noon so get down there ASAP. We are actually leaving soon and running a bit behind schedule.

Stubb's is playing host to tonight's next best show (aside from the Girl Talk, The Octopus Project and Pink Nasty show) which features Austinites Spoon and Iggy Pop's The Stooges. We're getting there early so you should too. It will be well worth the wait, but we hear that ticket prices are going to be pretty steep so I hope you have a wristband (or a job that pays well). Good luck and we will see you all very soon, hopefully sometime today. Check back in with us for a ton of SXSW updates after the festival. I really wish we could do them all now, but time is not on our side, unfortunately.

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