Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad News For Some

I just recently checked Explosions in the Sky's "shows" section of their website, and it looks like their show here on Monday at The Granada has been sold out. If you haven't gotten your ticket yet and are still trying to find one, I wish you the best of luck, because Explosions is one of the best bands live and it doesn't look like they will be making their way back here this year. If they do, I will just need to give them all a huge hug because of all of the hard work that they are doing this year. Seriously, their tour is huge this year and it would be a miracle if they came back through here again. If they play Austin City Limits again this year, it will be a big year for Explosions fans in Texas.

Also, the Gypsy Tea Room will be closing down for good in a day or two. I really can't believe that they aren't having a farewell show! Wouldn't it be a good idea? It will be an injustice if their last show is The Plain White Tee's.

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Unfortunately, I was too late.