Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pink Nasty on Usher's shoes, her stint in the circus, and STDs among other things.

PN: Pink Nasty aka Sara Beck, DL: Dave Longoria, JT: John, TL: Trent

PN: So what the fuck do you guys do?

JT: Well he [Trent] takes photos and we both write.
JT: First off, have you gone to the carnival in town?

PN: Uh, I grew up in a carnival.

JT: Oh really??

PN: I was the Man-Lady!

TL: So you had a beard?

PN: Yeah!

TL: But you shaved it off!

PN: Yeeeeah...

JT: Too bad, because then we'd take a lot more photos.
JT: So where was that?

PN: I'm from Kansas.

JT: So the Kansas Annual Carnival, or what?

PN: Daily! Daily!

JT: So did you go by Pink Nasty then?

PN: No, that's my birth name.

JT: So Pink Nasty Man-Lady!
TL: That's on your birth certificate and everyt

PN: Yeah!

JT: So, the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy song [Don't Ever Change], how did that come about?

PN: Well, I went on tour with him in 2004, and then after that I asked him to do it.

At this point in the interview, Dave from The Bl
ack comes over to talk to Sara, and introduces himself.

: Hi, I'm David.

: So how long have you guys [Sara and Dave] known each other?

PN: Well, we're been bumpin' uglies for...two months?

: Back in Kansas?

: N. No, we met...

: We met at Emo's, we played a show together one night. And we decided that we should just do it, a lot! We bubble gum kiss. That's as far as he'll go. We blow bubbles and we kiss each other with our bubbles.

: You could probably transmit bubblegum diseases...

: I know. We have bubble gum STDs all over our faces!

: Anyway... I was going to ask, how long have you been an Usher fan?

: Oh God! Did you know that he wears a new pair of shoes every day?

TL: Have you seen that Cribs episode?

: No! How was his crib?

TL: Well I just remember him having like, lines of shoes...

: Yeah! And then he'll throw them away! He should sign them, and sell them... I saw Mariah Carey's crib!

TL: Yeah with the bathtub...!

: She has gold M's on the tile when you walk in and like, a closet the size of this room!

: I really like this place...

: I love this place!

TL: Have you ever played here before?

: Ummm yeah one time. That was with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy in 2004.

At this point in our conversation, we made some small talk about various things and said our thank-yous and goodbyes.


Andrew said...

I saw Miss Nasty play with Mr. Oldham back a few years ago, and it was just great. Just plain great. Her brother is pretty rockin' too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she's pretty darn good. That would have been a great show. I saw her brother at the show this past weekend. He didn't play, he was just walking around hah. I hope you enjoyed our review/ interview.