Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Robbery and What's Going On

So, one week ago today, John, Matt Benavidez, David Harman, and myself were all robbed at gun point, in John's front yard. Three guys, one of them with a rifle, ran up to us as we were about 15 feet from John's front door. They took John's wallet and cellphone, Matt's iPod, keys, and wallet, David's cellphone, and my camera bag (with EVERYTHING in it), wallet, cellphone, and Chapstick. We're all okay, minus a few of our personal posessions. I have a check in the mail from the insurance company, giving me back some of the money that I lost. It won't cover it all, but I will be able to get back some of the things that I had before. John has recorded a track of his explanation of the event, so I will post that as soon as he e-mails it to me. In other news, here's what's going on in the Dallas area that we here at The Grizzly Life will be (hopefully all of it) attending:

1. C.J.'s Birthday Celebration (feat. Octopus Project, Pilot Drift, and others)- Friday, January 12
2. A Hawk and a Hacksaw- Good Records In Store- Saturday, January 13
3. Of Montreal- Good Records In Store- Sunday, February 18
4. Of Montreal- Gypsy Ball Room- Sunday, February 18
5. Midlake/ St. Vincent- Granada Theater- Saturday, February 24
6. Grizzly Bear- Good Records In Store- Tuesday, February 27
7. Deerhoof- Gypsy Tea Room- Thursday, March 8
8. SXSW- March 14-18
9. Hella- Rubber Gloves- Wednesday, March 14
10. Explosions In The Sky- Granada Theater- Monday, April 2
11. Sunset Rubdown- Hailey's- Monday, April 28
12. Animal Collective- Gypsy Ball Room- May 25 or 26 (Two sources are saying different dates. I'm sure this should be cleared up soon though.)

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