Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 4

Paul and I went to breakfast, and ate with Helen, Filip and someone else (sorry). We had watched an episode of Scrubs the night before where someone stuck their fingers in someone’s drink, and it was Paul’s goal to do that at breakfast. We sat on the patio near the coffee shop and laughed and ate and all of those good things. I had grabbed a banana for John because he wasn’t coming down for breakfast, and for some reason or other, I ended up sticking it in Helen’s coffee. The other person that sat with us (a girl) told Helen that banana peels are poisonous and she poured out the rest of her coffee and rubbed some of it on my knees.

I can’t remember what we did after breakfast but I’m pretty sure I either slept a little more or we recorded some. That’s pretty much what we did every day after breakfast. I think this was my favorite lunch out of all the lunches we had. We had it with pretty much the same core group of people but it was really good. Some girl had a snake and Helen held it. I think its name was Mortimer or something like that. Either Helen untied my shoe, or it was already untied, but she made me let her tie it, and I swear it took her about 30 minutes. It was so funny. I already had one foot on the table so she could tie my shoe, but she made me put my other one on the table so she could compare the correctly tied shoe with the one she was working on. It’s still not tied right, but I’m not going to fix it. Helen left to go get some more food, and she came back with a cucumber and smashed it on Paul’s head. It was probably one of the highlights of the trip. Needless to say, Paul found his opportunity to stick his fingers in her coffee, but she drank it anyway.Helen dared me to push these two guys into this hole in the ground.

After lunch we went back up to the trailer and I took a few photos of Frank recording, because I hadn’t yet and grabbed my stuff because Mary Anne, Paul, and I were going down to the ponds. I hadn’t really seen much off of the main campus yet. It was all pretty nice. You can just go in the house down there. Kind of weird. The ponds were pretty nice. I really wanted to go swimming but no one else would have gone. It was pretty cold though, so I can’t blame them. Apparently, the previous owners of the property had a handicapped kid and they installed this sloped thing with these rails and stairs so the kid could get around down there. I’m not really sure, but that’s what I remember hearing from Mary Anne. We sat around on the “island” on pond #2 and I took a 360 degree panoramic.

I think we’re over the desert now. I’m sad.

We went back to the trailer and I played solitaire on my computer and talked to Joe and Helen. She popped his blackheads and pulled his back hairs out. Cute! Helen ended up falling out of the bed. She tried grabbing the blinds and that didn’t really work out for her. I’m so glad I had my camera. We went outside so Helen could smoke and I took a panoramic of the view from our trailer’s front porch. Helen criticized Joe for having a “graphic novel” but she was reading it with him in bed and she really got into it. It was pretty funny. Those two are good together. I played solitaire for a couple of hours and didn’t win one single game.

I can’t remember what we had for dinner. It wasn’t too memorable I guess. I think I updated the blog after dinner or something, and then walked back up to the trailer and Mary Anne, Paul, Helen, and Josie were all outside of our trailer, and Josie asked Paul to play one of his songs, so we went to the third trailer’s front porch. He played, and then we all sang stuff, and butchered pretty much every song we tried playing. Helen played a song she had written and I really liked it.

We went back into the trailer and they were recording some more stuff. I fought Helen for a blanket, Paul told me killer whales were the best animals ever, and we all sang a new song together, which sounded good live.

We all went out to the MooPoo so they could have some drinks and the rest of us just sat around and talked. We made up a talk show for Frank called “Quite Frankly” where he just tells everyone how much they suck.

I think we just flew over some city in New Mexico. I guess it was big by New Mexican standards.


Joseph A. said...

i miss you, brother. thanks for keeping track of the good things.

Trent said...

I miss you too. I will see you very soon though. And, you're welcome. It was the very least I could do.